Precision straightener (20200287)

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Precision straightener (20200287)

Key features

Number of straightening rolls 19
Ø straightening rolls 16 mm
Strip thickness 0,2 – 2 mm
Passage width 160 mm




Type BR/19/160/16/WHC/DA/ZOR/10M/U
Machine No 20200287
Year of manufacture 2020
  • Solid steel base, forklift-accessible
  • Multiple backup rolls for all upper and lower straightening rolls
  • Pinch rolls at straightener inlet pneumatically liftable
  • Lower straightening rolls mounted in extensible drawer unit
  • Additional upper straightening roll at straighteners outlet
  • Drive system for continuous speed regulation


Process flow direction From left to right
Line speed 2 – 18 m/min
Straightening rolls Hard chrome plated and super finished 70 HRC
Adjustment of immersion depth By 2 handwheels
Display of immersion depth 2 digital displays, accuracy ± 0,01mm
Number of pinch rolls 4
Ø upper pinch rolls 20 mm
Ø lower pinch rolls 16 mm
Straightening performance 1,5 x 160 mm at Rm 400 N/mm2
Drive system Hydraulic motors and gear box
Loop control Ultrasonic sensor for continuous speed control
Pneumatical supply 6 bar
Electrical supply 400 V / 50 Hz / 3L+N+PE

Additional information

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