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Your requirements are what drive us. We offer everything, from stand-alone machines to complex turn-key systems.


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2022 October 25 – 28, booth D71 – hall 27, Hannover, Germany

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Recent SOPREM customer projects

Retrofit Decoiler-Straightener-Feeder-Installation

After more than 15 years of daily, partly multi-shift operation, the time has come for a complete machine refurbishment.

  • The straightening head mechanics were equipped with new gears, bearings and seals. In addition, all parts in direct contact with the material, such as straightening and transport rolls, were replaced
  • The drive technology, servo motors, encoders and gears, were upgraded to the latest state of the art technology
  • The complete machine control system was modernized and integrated into a touch panel

Due to the modernized servo technology, the customer now has a higher parts output per minute with enhanced repeat accuracy.


  • Straightener with 7 straightening rolls Ø 50 mm
    for strip thickness up to 2 mm and strip width up to 800 mm
  • Contactless loop control station for continuous speed control of straightener
  • Hydraulic strip introduction assistance system and hydraulic folding strip conveying table for facilitated setup operation
  • Braked decoiler with loading weight 5500 kg
    with hydraulic auxiliary motor for mandrel positioning and easy strip introduction
  • Hydraulic coil loading car for automatic loading of the coil onto the decoiler

By installing a SOPREM strip accumulator system, the production process could be reconfigured for continuous use. The customer benefits from a significantly higher productivity, as downtime in the production process is eliminated.

With a welding system, the exiting coil is welded directly to the new coil before it is fed into the accumulator. This eliminates having to stop the system while filling raw materials, which increases the customer’s production quantity.


Reactions from our customers

“WKK as service provider in the stamping industry is reliant upon a state-of-the-art and dependable manufacturing process. We appreciate SOPREM for it’s quality, outstanding customer service as well as it’s competent customer adivsory services”

Roland Gohlisch, Head of Production, WKK Kaltbrunn AG
“SOPREM is an experienced partner and collaboration with them is professional and goal-oriented”
“As long-standing client of SOPREM we appreciate their tailor-made products and their excellent and reliable personal service”
Marcel Brülhart, Fischer Reinach AG