Precision parts straightener (20120178)

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Precision parts straightener (20120178)

Key features

No. of straightening rollers 19
Straightening rollers diameter Ø 12 mm
Material thickness 0,1 – 2 mm
Max. passage width 150 mm




Type WM/19/150/12/10M/L0
Model No. 20120178
Year of manufacture 2012
  • Motor-driven precision straightener for flattening of parts or strip material.
  • Solid, lacquered steel base with four adjustable feet – forklift-accessible.
  • All rollers are powered.
  • Hydraulic aggregate for automatic oil lubrication of transmission gears and cardan shafts, and grease lubrication of straightener roller bearings.
Feed direction Left to right
Straightening depth setting Via 4 handwheels
Straightening depth display 4 analogue dial indicators, precision ± 0.01 mm
Straightener infeed Motorised conveyor belt
Line speed 2 – 30 m/min
Engine Asynchronous motor and frequency converter
Electrical connection 400 V / 50 Hz / 3L+N+PE


Additional information

Product type

Parts straightener


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