WITELS-ALBERT is specialized in straightener, feed, drive and guide technology and manufactures a range of devices and machines for the production and processing of wire and multi-wire process materials.

Standard products and services are grouped into eight product lines:

  1. Straighteners
  2. Rolls
  3. Roll guides
  4. Drive units
  5. Preform heads
  6. Stripping systems
  7. Accessories
  8. Process engineering

More than 20 different types of roll straighteners which are designed for process materials with thicknesses between 0.03 mm and 120 mm are supplied. The straightening rolls are designed to handle process speeds up to 70 m/s and straightening forces up to 300 kN. Roll guides with a gap of up to 500 mm are recommended for wire, strip, tube, cable and rope. Also high-performance drive units which convey process materials in continuous or stop-and-go mode within tight tolerances are supplied.

SOPREM is authorised distributor for Witels Albert products in Switzerland.
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